A mini-show for one member of the audience

This mini-show is a 5-minute short theatrical performance which will arouse your interest and curiosity because of the uniqueness of what you’re going through and the fact that you’re the one and only person experiencing it.

So take your seat in front of the Theatromat where you can view what is going on through a special opening when you have a pair of headphones on. The curtain rises and a lovely woodland scenery bursts upon you. You’ll be able to see how the forest wakes up, lives and falls asleep every day, to hear the sounds and smell it’s morning scent, to feel the puff of the forest wind. And you’ll be able to experience all this not only because of the typical sounds and scenery but also the special effects produced to simulate some natural phenomena.

This is really a very different, entirely personal and extremely emotional experience!
You are the one and only person we perform for!